Rain’s Here!!


I guess we can finally say goodbye to summer and look forward to the much awaited rains in the monsoon season.

It is a well known fact that summers especially in the southern part of India tends to be harsher than other parts of the country, so as a south Indian we look forward to the rains the most not just for overall decrease of temperature but also for the farmers to start a new crop.


As someone who looks forward to rain the most, one of the things I like is to get drenched in rain, walk in rain and maybe play soccer in rain. But now that I’ve become older I cannot do them anymore, too many restrictions from family; and friends are also no longer interested in these things.


Last week was really hot, I felt as though I was sweating the whole day and had to hydrate every 30 mins just to maintain the water in my body. I felt the same just an hour ago too. But it seems like the weather has changed, as I have just seen the first rain this monsoon.


Although because of the clouds and rain the mood somewhat becomes gloomy as it’s not bright outside. But when you’re in India, having a warm drink with some samosas, pakoras and other eatables will surely make your heart smile.


The downside of the rainy season is lack of interest in work, more traffic jams than usual, and I cannot go out to exercise or do any outdoor activities due to the unpredictability of the weather. So, most people like to stay indoors and spend time with their family.







先週は本当に暑くて、一日中汗をかいているように感じで、体内の水分を維持するために 30 分ごとに水分補給しなければなりませんでした。ちょうど1 時間前も同じように感じました。しかし、今年のモンスーンシーズンで最初の雨が降ったので、天気が変わったようです。