Building Dreams: A Heartwarming Tale of Hope and Kindness

Hey there, friends! So, get this: I ended up in this super small village in Iran, surrounded by hills and the nicest people ever. Now, I’m not great at building stuff, but I got this wild idea to start a school there. Sounds crazy, right?




I teamed up with locals and a bunch of awesome volunteers, and we kicked off this big dream. It was like something you’d see in a funny book – lots of drama, laughs, and heart.


We faced some pretty funny problems on the way. Picture trying to talk to a stubborn mule blocking our building spot. It was like a scene from a silly movie!


But here’s the thing: amidst all the craziness, something amazing happened. We saw this school, this little place of learning, coming together right before our eyes. And guess what? The kids! They were as excited as characters in their favorite cartoons. Their energy was so catchy!




Fast forward to now, and that little school is standing tall, a sign of hope and chances. The kids are bursting with ideas, just like characters in their favorite cartoons. It feels like we’ve added a pop of color to their lives.



This whole adventure taught me that kindness doesn’t have limits. No matter where you’re from – like Japan, India, Indonesia, Australia, Syria, or anywhere else – we all love making dreams come true and bringing smiles to kids’ faces.


So, whether you’re in Tokyo, Tehran, or Timbuktu, remember we’re all part of this awesome tale. Let’s keep spreading those good vibes and making wonders happen, one small step at a time.


Catch you later,



※Attached are some images that are not directly related to the story I shared. They are simply for illustration purposes.

夢と奇跡: 小さな村での素敵な冒険物語



地元の人々や素晴らしいボランティアの皆さんと協力し、この大きな夢をスタートさせました。 それはまるで面白い本でも見るような、たくさんのドラマ、笑い、そして心が詰まっていました。



私たちは、目の前でこの小さな学びの場、この学校が形成されていくのを見ました。そして、一番感動したのは子どもたち! 彼らはお気に入りの漫画のキャラクターのように興奮していました。彼らのエネルギーはとてもキャッチーでした!


この冒険全体が私に、優しさには限界がないことを教えてくれました。 日本、インド、インドネシア、オーストラリア、シリア、その他どこからでも、私たちは皆、夢を実現し、子どもたちの顔に笑顔をもたらすことが大好きです。