What is prompt engineering? Why is there a necessity to hire prompt engineers?

Prompt engineering is the process of crafting clear, concise, and effective prompts or instructions for various systems, particularly those involving natural language processing (NLP) or machine learning models. It’s essential because it directly impacts the performance and usability of these systems.


Now, lets see some examples of bad and good prompts:

  1. Write an essay on Japanese culture. –  [Bad prompt]
  2. Act as a literature expert and a historian in Japanese culture, and
    – write a small essay on Japanese culture from the 1500s and how it is shaped today
    – use a simple and an easy to understand language
    – write the essay within 1000 words and conclude it. [Good Prompt]


A bad prompt generally doesn’t have any context, but a good prompt focuses on details. The more details or instructions you provide, the better the answer will be.

Lets see some other ways to utilize prompts to its effective ways:

  1. Explain “Machine Learning” algorithms like I’m a 10 year old.
  2. Analyze the state of the gaming industry and describe its trends, support it with data, statistics. Additionally, provide some big gaming companies and influencers with their finances and metrics along with the games they create and play.
  3. Act as an instagram influencer, write a post for my audience aged 9-30 and help me grow my followers, asking them to sign up at my company.
  4. Act as a business mogul [Steve Jobs or ELon Musk] and provide me with some recommendations based on the circumstances I provide below. [give the detailed business circumstance]


These are some of the common ways prompts can be used to be more effective and precise. In essence, prompt engineering is about optimizing communication between humans and machines. It enhances user experience, increases system accuracy, and ultimately leads to more effective and satisfying interactions.





  1. 日本文化についてエッセイを書いてください。- [悪いプロンプト]
  2. 日本文化の文学専門家および、歴史家として振る舞い、
    • 1500年代の日本文化についての小論文を書き、
    • シンプルで理解しやすい言語を使用した
    • エッセイを1000語以内で書き、結論を述べる。[良いプロンプト]



  1. 10歳になったつもりで「機械学習」アルゴリズムを説明してください。
  2. ゲーム業界の状況を分析し、その傾向を説明し、データや統計でそれを裏付けます。さらに、大手のゲーム会社やインフルエンサーに、彼らの財務状況と指標と一緒に、彼らが作成しプレイするゲームを提供してください。
  3. Instagramのインフルエンサーとして、9歳から30歳までの視聴者に向けて投稿を書き、フォロワーを増やすのを手伝って、会社に登録するよう促します。
  4. ビジネス界の重鎮[Steve JobsやElon Musk]として振る舞い、以下の状況を提供することに基づいて、いくつかの推奨事項を提供してください。[詳細なビジネス状況を提供する]



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