The Century Ride : A 100km bicycle ride

About 3 years ago, my friends and I wanted to do something for the weekend. It was summer and was hot as hell, so instead of taking a regular route of either going to a pool or playing with ice; we thought it would be fun to instead cycle for 100KM.


Once we made the plan, we made preparations to just carry some water, bananas and light snacks which will replenish our energy. But we never trained for the ride, we went with the flow.



We started that day at 4AM, since it will only get hotter as the day goes by. It was fun, it was windy and it was still dark outside and it was fun riding on the roads without any traffic on the streets. I found it really amusing to see the sunrise at 5AM. My friends and I were taking pictures, enjoying the view, streets were really clean and the traffic started picking up. It was fun  for the first 2-3 hours where we almost finished about 50kms, greeting people on the streets while we passed them, but it really hit us hard when the sun really shone. From 8AM, we felt tired and were sweating like crazy due to the heat.


And one of the biggest problems was, there was no shade due to the slack of trees roadside. We were moving at a slower pace in the morning because of low visibility. But, it was fun until we hit the 50km mark; we took a break to replenish ourselves with water, bananas and snacks. We sat on the footpath for about 30-45 mins to digest, and this was when the real battle began. After 45 mins, none of us were able to get up because our legs cooled down.


So, we started doing some stretching to get the heat back in our legs, once done, we started moving. Again after another 15-20km mark (70km) we stopped and started exploring other options like taking a bus back home or Uber; the idea of sitting on a bicycle seat was harsh, it hurt my back, my spine. But we soon realized why we started doing this in the first place and continued on the bicycle. After another 5 km, we had a lot of climbs which discouraged us. Every muscle and fiber in my leg was screaming, telling me to stop or they would snap. Every time we encountered a climb, we exchanged glances with each other and just moved forward.



Finally after 7 and half hours of a grueling cycling day, we were back where we started. We didn’t even have the energy to say goodbyes so we went back to our houses. Even after an hour being in my house, sweat didnt stop,  my body was emanating heat and then I finally took a shower, had my lunch. 


This is one of the days in my life which I can never forget, not because of excessive hardships, we thought we were prepared but we overcame odds and beat everything due to sheer willpower; this was one hell of a day for all of us from ups and downs literally.












2 ~ 3 時間で約 50 km を走りきりました。道行く人に挨拶しながらすれ違うのが楽しかったです。でも、太陽が本格的に照り始めてからは本当に大変でした。朝8時から暑さのために疲れを感じ、ものすごく汗もかきました。


最大の問題の 1 つは、街路樹がたるんで日陰がないことでした。






また自転車に乗って 15 ~ 20 km (70 km) を走行したころ、私たちは立ち止まり、家に帰るバスや Uber などのほかの選択肢を検討し始めました。自転車のシートに座るというのは過酷で、背中や背骨が痛くなり始めたのです。




さらに 5 km走ると、気力をくじかれるような登り坂が続きました。脚の筋肉や筋繊維が悲鳴を上げ、「やめろ」と言っているようでした。登り坂に遭遇するたびに、私たちは互いに視線を交わし、ただ前に進みました。


過酷な 7 時間半のサイクリングを終えて、ようやくスタート地点に戻りました。




この日は、私の人生で決して忘れることのできない日の 1 つとなりました。過酷すぎる困難のせいではありません。これは私たち全員にとって文字通り浮き沈みのある一日でした。