My first Halloween Party in Japan

I moved to Japan in September, 2018 for higher studies. While I was in my first semester, I heard about the biggest Halloween party in the world in Shibuya, Japan from my classmates. As Halloween in India is not so big, I was curious to see how Japan would fare with it and thus started planning for that week.


On October 31, 2018 it was not only my first halloween in Japan, but also my first trip to Tokyo. After spending the entire day sightseeing in Tokyo, I went to Shibuya with 3 of my friends around 8 PM. I dressed up as Harry Potter, my friends dressed up as Joker, Pikachu and a cat. Once I exited the station, I was awestruck by the sheer volume of cosplayers and people participating in the event. I have heard about Shibuya crossing before but experiencing it first hand was on a whole new level. For some time, they did allow traffic to flow but probably rerouted it later. Even though it was very crowded, it was fun walking around Shibuya. I have never seen such a big crowd gathered at one place not even in India, it was a first for me. 


Like others, my friends and I took a lot of pictures at the crossing, we went to the top of a building to take pictures and videos to send them to our families. Then as we were walking around, we saw a whole lot of cosplayers with so much dedication, we decided to take some pictures with them and we were not disappointed. After taking a look around for an hour or two, we went to a restaurant to eat. Once we were full, someone suggested us to checkout Karaoke and thus we went to a Karaoke Bar. It was crowded, we had to wait for sometime but we finally got a room, the four of us had the time of our lives. Before this, I only sang once or twice for the School Annual Program, but singing for fun without being judged is awesome.

After this, we went out to shop and danced with people on the streets. By the time we were done, it was 1:30 AM the next morning and we wanted a place to sleep. We tried renting a room but none were available. So, we went back to the Karaoke bar and slept until morning.

Around 6 AM, we checked out of our Karaoke Bar. Once we walked out of the building, there were so many Japanese teenagers who were cleaning the streets of Shibuya with their Halloween costumes on; this is something I have only heard and seen on the news happening right in front of me. I had no clue how to react, part of me really wanted to help but I was already late to catch my train. With a little guilt, I said goodbye to Halloween and Shibuya that year. I will never forget that night, EVER!!