There is no winner

My grandparents from both my mother and father’s sides participated in the Vietnam War on the side of North Vietnam. They sacrificed their youth to protect their families, hometown, and the country’s independence.

I remember that my grandfather often wore his army uniform adorned with numerous medals on the left side of his chest, proudly donning it on special occasions.

I am proud of my family’s history as well. I believe that the brave spirit to seek what is right and fight for happiness is in our blood. 

During my childhood, I heard fragments of stories about the war from my grandfather – tales of where he fought, how he got injured, and the suffering he endured due to his wounds when the weather changed. I also learned about betrayers who sided with the enemy out of selfishness. In my young mind, they were undoubtedly considered bad people.

Last week, I watched some vlogs of a Vietnamese American sharing her experience of visiting Vietnam for the first time.This left me with thoughts and an urge to write about it.

Both of her parents were boat refugees after the Vietnam and US war. She retraced her parents’ journey from their hometown to the beach where they swam away, ultimately reaching the first refugee camp. Standing at the beach, witnessing its vastness and the unknown, she understood why her mom had sometimes told her that ‘they swam into death to seek life.

Back to the time when the Vietnam army won the war and took control of the government, families with members working for South Vietnam were all sentenced to death. Her father’s family was one of those. That’s why they staked their lives on a small boat in the stormy night to leave Vietnam with the hope to survive.

On April 30th – Reunification Day of Vietnam, we cheer for the merging of South Vietnam and North Vietnam, forming modern-day Vietnam.

Now I know, for many Vietnamese families, that day also has the meaning of leaving and being lost. Standing against colonies to protect the country’s freedom is absolutely right, but making such a cruel decision, to sentence to death even innocent children, is inhuman.

We won the war, successfully protected our freedom but with hundreds of thousands of deaths during the war and millions of people suffering and still affected by it nowadays. They lose the war, their lives and homes.

We cannot choose which side or country to be born in, so when it comes to war, we have to fight to protect our beloved, but it also means hurting others and their beloved.

That makes me truly believe that there is no winner in a war and pray for no war in the world.





彼らは家族、故郷、国の独立を守るために青春を犠牲にしました。 祖父は、胸の左側にたくさんのメダルが飾られた軍服をよく着ていて、特別な日には誇らしげに着ていたことを覚えています。

私も家族の歴史も誇りに思っています。 正しいことを求め、幸福のために戦う勇敢な精神が私たちの血に流れていると信じています。

子どものころ、祖父から戦争に関する断片的な話を聞いたことがあります。祖父がどこで戦ったのか、どのように負傷したのか。天候の変化による傷の苦しみの話などです。また、 私利私欲から敵側についた裏切り者についても学びました。 私の幼い心の中では、彼らは間違いなく悪人だと思っていました。


彼女の両親はベトナムとアメリカの戦争後のボート難民でした。 彼女は両親が故郷から海岸まで泳いで逃げ、最終的に最初の難民キャンプに到達したビーチまでの旅をたどりました。 ビーチに立って、その広大さと未知のものを目の当たりにしたとき、彼女は母親が時折「命を求めて死に向かって泳いだ」と言っていた理由を理解しました。

南ベトナムが降伏し、北ベトナムが政府を掌握したとき、南ベトナムで働く家族は全員が死刑判決を受けました。彼女の父親の家族もそのひとりでした。 だからこそ、彼らは嵐の夜、命を賭して小さな船に乗り、生き残る希望を抱いてベトナムを出国したのです。