What is ChatGPT? Why has it moved the focus back to NLP and AI?

ChatGPT  is a chatbot developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT is easier to use as it has been developed in the format of a conversation. So, once you ask a question, it will answer, be it anything ranging from coding, to writing a full educational report, poetry, medical questions,  a screenplay etc. just to name a few. Nothing was out of limits, you could ask it anything and it would answer seamlessly.

It seems like it is a combination of Supervised learning, NLP and reinforced learning.

While demonstrating it to my colleagues, I asked chatGPT to write a skit in like Ken Shimura, and it didn’t disappoint.

Now for the next part as to why it has moved the focus back to NLP (Natural language processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). NLP is a subset of AI, concerned with giving computers the ability to understand speech or text just like a human being. 

The focus has changed towards NLP majorly because, chatGPT application works in the form of a human text, and the world has never seen a better interactive application with so many functionalities and seamless use. Also its ability to create human-like replies and participate in more natural and diverse discussions with users was never seen before. Everything is possible because of NLP, so now even Google has shifted its main focus to creating another application which will rival that of chatGPT.



ChatGPTとは? NLP と AI に焦点を戻したのはどうしてか

ChatGPT は、OpenAI によって開発されたチャットボットです。



ためしに同僚にデモンストレーションしながら、chatGPT に「志村けんのようなスキット」を書いてもらいましたが、期待を裏切りませんでした。

次に、なぜNLP (自然言語処理) と AI (人工知能) に焦点を戻したについてです。
NLP は AIのサブセットで、コンピュータが人間と同じようにスピーチやテキストを理解する能力を与えることに関連しています。

焦点がNLPに変わったのは、chatGPT アプリケーションが人間のテキストの形で動作しているからです。


そのため、Google もまた、chatGPT に匹敵する別のアプリケーションの作成に主な焦点を移しています。




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