Why are hobbies important? And why do we regularly need to change them?

Hobbies, the one word which even makes a child participate in a conversation. It works as a great conversation starter, a great ice breaker and it even helps others understand others a little about your character, interest etc.


In my opinion, hobbies are important not only to pass time but also provide us with something fun, interesting, and challenging to do in our leisure time and help give us a sense of purpose outside of work. There are many benefits by partaking in hobbies – stress relief, social connections, improved work performance, improved happiness, sleep.


Are these it, or do we have other merits of taking up hobbies. Well, it particularly depends on the hobby: if you’re into reading you will increase knowledge, also now-a-days it has become unusual for someone to try and change their hobby into a business.


Now, do we need to change our hobbies regularly? Not necessarily, but it will give you a fresher perspective and increase the zeal to try out new things. But, when I say change the hobby, it doesn’t mean change it entirely, but what I mean by that is to expand the horizon of utilizing the hobby. For example, if you’re into soccer don’t just play soccer, watch a couple of matches too, try designing some jerseys fr yourselves or for your favorite team; if you like anime watch them, read mangas, design t-shirts, draw some anime characters and partake in anything related to them.


Trying out newer things never hurt anyone, especially in this day and age.


















アニメが好きなら、アニメを見るだけではなく、マンガを読んだり、T シャツをデザインしたり、アニメのキャラクターを描いたり。なんでもいいと思います。