What is Karuta? What is KARUTAP? How will it enhance learning among children…

“A picture is worth more than a 1000 words”


Karuta is a game predominantly played in Japan. But, the name “Karuta” is a game originated from Portugal which means card. So, it is a Japanese card game which is predominantly played in Elementary and Middle schools of Japan which helps students memorize cards, their positions


Based on the game of Karuta, our company has created ‘KARUTAP’, which is nothing but Karuta played online (or Digital Karuta, if you prefer). It is an amalgamation of two words ‘KARUTA + APPLICATION = KARUTAP’.


Just like the traditional game, in the application kids can create their own karutas, by adding images, text and voice to register them. The registered karutas can then be used to study a concept, memorize historical events, important personnel, geography of a country etc. Not only that, you can even play it like a single and a multiplayer game. This will not only help kids stay competitive, but also makes recollection easier.


These are my first impressions with the application, at first I thought it is just another application resembling flash cards. Boy, was I wrong; the main purpose behind creating our own Karutas is for students to understand everything from start to finish. By doing everything themselves or by playing with others’ sets, it makes it easier to remember.


For example, I had no clue what the capitals of many countries are, but now I remember most of the countries and their capitals.

As I iterated at the beginning, it is very useful not only for kids but people who are learning new languages and want to work on their vocabulary.



かるたとは? KARUTAPとは? 子どもたちの学びをどのように高めていく?